Far from Home

Music & Lyrics:

We are far from home
We might never return
Let the spirits take control
Take our bodies, hearts
Our minds and souls
Let tomorrow be unknown

Fermented molasses
Rumbullion or rum
We’ve been to salt water
We’ve been in the sun
We’re glad, half seas over
We’re fishy and rich
Knows not the way home
We’re steady, we’re stitch’d

Beer is too easy
The wine’s a divider
We’d never lay hands on that
Old English cyder
But there’s the one and only
The drink o’ the gods
She will surely be our end


Preserver of bodies
Promoter of mirth
Been at Barbados
Piss’d in the brook
We’re moon-ey’d
Juicy, middling
Had a kick in the Guts
We’ve seen the French king

Treat her with kindness,
with love and respect
She will give you that sweet
Misty longed-for effect
If mishandled, misused or
Drunk to unhealth
Down among dead men we are


The grumbling of guts
Consoler of souls
We’re as drunk as a beggar
Drank more than we’ve bled
Drunk as a wheelbarrow
Burdock’d, got gout
Been to a funeral
Now our flag is out

So drink, feel free
Let your burdens go, let your sun go down
So drink for her
Who will drown your misery