Kraken’s Dance

Music & Lyrics:

Fluids are flowing, it’s bound to get wet
The barrels are empty and still no regret
We’ve sold our senses and yet we pursue
To drink until no one still stands in the crew

The night turns to dawn, the sun rises quick
The fog on the ocean lies massive and thick
As the light hits my eyes and I’m starting to see
An old sworn enemy is now back for me

A creature from below appears
And you face your deepest fears
When the screams of a thousand men you hear
Then you know that the end is near

When its smell of rotten fish
Will serve as your last dish
When you know you stand no chance
It’s time for Kraken’s dance

When you’re done blaming others or merely the rum
That the weakness you felt, encouraged creatures to come
You swear that you never will ever again
Swill like a tinker, neither beer nor champagne

But as the night returns, there’s time to rethink
And bring to one’s bearings, to yet share a drink
You find yourself flawed, and your head full of bees
And tomorrow will bring back a friend from the seas