Never Look Back

Music & Lyrics:

The morning sun shines its life-giving light
Gently, as the world awakes
Chasing away the dark; promising hope
Arriving with dawn as it breaks

To lead us away from the shackles that bind
To choose our own life and grave
For it’s true what they say: Liberty was heaven born,
’Twas but man that made the slave

May the moon cast its silvery light
Let the horizon be nothing but black
As we sail to our deaths in the night
We never look back
We never look back

No more being told to obey and to serve
No more being unjustly owned
No more nameless existence, without future or past
No life ending in a story untold

The holy book says the meek shall inherit the earth
We say ours is a different fate
Our yokes cast aside, we’ll fight ’til we die
As pirates, free from king and state


A violent death surely will take us all
No pirate ever died of old age
Gallows or cannonballs, fire or water
Left to rot chained in a cage

Yet this path we’ve taken, we’d choose once again
Freedom’s call is a strong one to hear
Its infinite reach leaves nobody untouched
It runs through the dark without fear


The evening sun sets behind the waves
The wind settles into slow breeze
The billowing sails find rest for the night
As Orion rises in the east

The silvery light of a moon shining full
Dancing on the sea far away
The starry sky fades into morning light
As dawn brings a new day