Night of O’Malley

Music & Lyrics:

From Irish grounds by the grave of the Queen
O’Malley’s ghost appears
She’ll haunt those men who righteously choose
Reprehensive ways in life
She’ll haunt them in their sleep
She’ll bind them in their bones
She’ll make their bodies sway
Then drag them to her grave

Hush my child
There’s no need to cry
No ghosts will appear tonight
But if you don’t behave
Then you better be brave
For then she’ll rise from her grave

Gráinne Ní Mháille Mháille Mhá-Ley
Gráinne Ní Mháille Mháille Mhá-Ley
Gráinne Ní Mháille Mháille Mhá-Ley
She’ll drag you to her grave

On the night of her death
She draws a new breath
And she haunts bad children and men
But if you make sure
That your conscience is clear
There’s nothing for you to fear


If the women you meet
You disrespectfully treat
She will scourge your bones and meat
If you misbehave
Or their rights deprive
You will end up in her grave

If you’re trading with slaves
Put them in chains
You’re trapped in O’Malley’s reign
Vengeance will come
She will make you her own
And then she’ll drag you to her grave


In the month of June in 1603
Grace O’Malley was laid to rest
But her soul yet remained to make sure that you pay
And are chastised for your sins
She’ll haunt you in your sleep
She’ll bind you in your bones
She’ll make your body sway
Then drag you to her grave