The Only One Alive

Music & Lyrics:

Has anyone seen my ship?
You’ll never see your boat
What happened to the captain?
They cut him in his throat

Quarter master Howard?
They killed him with a crank
And my younger brother?
He was forced to walk the plank
You’re the only one alive

Did they kill our master gunner?
They burned him with black powder
And executioner Johnson?
He couldn’t have screamed louder

Sailing master Pelham?
They strangled him to death
News about the first mate?
Brave until last breath
You’re the only one alive

Did they spare old William Portman?
He went down to Davy Jones
Did they slay our cooper?
He was cut into his bones

What about the boatswain?
They shot him in the eye
Is the cook dead as well?
That we can’t deny
You’re the only one alive

I’m the only one alive