The Wreck

Music & Lyrics: Niklas Ahlgren, Pat Razket

Somewhere on the shores of the Cornwall coast
Lies the wreck of a pirate ship
No one remembers how she landed there
How she ended her fateful last trip

Rigging’s all gone and her masts broken off
There’s seaweed all over her hull
Cannons are silent, the capstans are still
In the sand lies a wide grinning skull

She’s a haunted ship, with an undead crew
Waiting to come back alive
On a full moon’s night, she will sail once again
With a crew that cannot die

Among living men there are no memories left
To tell her story so true
But legends whispered in the darkness of night
Of her fate wicked and cruel

Long has it been since she plied the waves
Hungry for silver and gold
But riches and wealth feed a craving for more
The captain sold the Devil his soul


On a cursed night in April, ‘neath a moon shining full
Killed the night watch right where he stood
Then he killed every other crewman onboard
In their sleep, all in cold blood

The captain hauled off with the silver and gold
Bid farewell in the longboat alone
Left the ship and her dead crew to perish at sea
In the arms of ol’ Davy Jones


They are haunted, they are undead
They will soon come back alive
They are haunted, they are undead
They’re the crew that cannot die

But not even Davy would claim the ship
She bore the mark of the Devil’s hand
She drifted away on the slow rising tide
‘Til on that Cornwall shore she did land

Now the restless souls of her long dead crew
Lay waiting night after night
To rise from the dead and to come back alive
By every full moon’s silvery light